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Taylor P. Willingham


Taylor Willingham was born in Brazosport, Texas. He grew up in a era of limited computer use, simple games, and home phone without voice messaging systems. Due to the lack of technology, he was able to experience life more fully. Mr. Willingham is an Eagle Scout, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and former athlete.
He had a wonderful childhood living summers in Buffalo, Texas and winters in Springville, Utah.

In his younger years, Mr. Willingham lived in the Philippines. He spent two years hiking the Ifugao mountain range, walking the beaches of the South China Sea, and wading through the Cagayan River as a missionary for his Church.While living in the Philippines, Mr. Willingham lived like the local indigenous people; he learned to speak the Filipino language and had many experiences that pushed him to the point complete physical exertion. He washed his clothes in a river, learned to climb a coconut tree, prepare his food in a fire, and ate almost all types of food.

Mr. Willingham’s undergraduate degree is from Utah State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences. While at Utah State, he played for the USU rugby team, was a member of USU Supreme Court, and was second runner-up for Mr. USU. He met his wife, Julie Budge, at Utah State University and they were married December 27, 2003. Mr. Willingham was able to graduate from Utah State in two and a half years by taking summer courses and, at times, over 18 hours a semester.

Taylor attended law school at Texas Tech University School of Law in Lubbock, Texas and also received a Masters in Personal Finance. While in law school, he formed a Real Estate company. He also worked for Tombs & Maxwell, PLLC as a law clerk. He worked mainly with personal injury victims and estate planning.

After law school, Mr. Willingham moved his family to McKinney, Texas where he worked for Davis & Associates. While an associate at the firm, Mr. Willingham worked mainly with immigrants facing numerous legal issues. In 2010, Mr. Willingham moved his office to McKinney, Texas and formed the Willingham Law Firm. Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Willingham have five children who have taught them the true joy of living a happy life.